To download the JOGI API, please go to Sourceforge download pages for JOGI and download the most file with the highest version number.
On the file download page you will also find the JogiClient.jar file. This is a port of code from a Skyrix XML-RPC GUI client. It was modified to use the JOGI API. This code/port is highly experimental and might not work out of the box (best to unpack the archive instead of running the .jar file).

CVS Access

If you want the latest state of the JOGI library you might want to use the version in the CVS. You can follow the HEAD branch, but that might be unstable at times as it is actively used for development. If you want a "stable" release, use one of the tagged versions. Please read Sourceforge CVS info for JOGI on how to access the CVS. Important: the module name is ogojogi. There are other modules that are not of interest (one is the raw material for the website that you can only use if the name Xweb means anything to you, and the other ones are old attempts at importing the project that will be removed in the future).