Release 0.0.4EA


New year, new JOGI release. OK, so the year is already closing in on its 2nd month, but at least the release is fresh and juicy! The main items in are:

So, get over to our download area and get your latest version of JOGI 0.0.4EA while it's still hot!

Newsletter #1 published


The very first issue of our JOGI Newsletter is out! This is supposed to show what is going on behind the scenes of the JOGI project and give users and developers a clue what is to expect in the coming months.

Streaming XmlRpc client library... anyone?


Everyone: We need an efficient, streaming XmlRpc client library. And we need it ... well, any time some one writes it. I already have some ideas on how to do it, but absolutely no time to implement it. SOooo... if you have some time on your hands and are interested... why not drop me an email?

Especially if you're a CS (or similar) student. Many practical courses allow for custom projects (at least at my university), and that would be the ideal way to actually write something useful, instead of the boring throw-away toy apps that you usually have to do.

Release 0.0.3EA


New release with many changes. JOGI is closing in on feature completeness (only about 10 % of the functionality is still left to be implemented). The main items in this release:

Please refer to the usual places for download informationand take a look at the current Release Notes (also included in the tar ball and zip files) .

By the way: Does anybody know of a Java Xml-Rpc implementation that allows streaming? If you do, please let us know . The Apache XmlRpc implementation does not seem to allow streaming and we would like to investigate in that direction.

Release 0.0.2EA


New release including many fixes and updates in many of the classes and interfaces and the Ant build file now also creates Zip files. The statements in the ReleaseNotes document for the 0.0.1EA release is still valid for the 0.0.2EA release.

As always, please go to the download section of the website for download information. You can also try the JogiClient (in the JogiClient.jar file download) which was improved as well.

JOGI Release 0.0.1 out!


Yehaw! First EarlyAccess release of JOGI. After a flurry of activity here at the JOGI HQ, you can now access the fruits of our labour. Note the term "EarlyAccess" in the first sentence; this is a release to give developers a taste of JOGI, but it should not be used in a production system as it is not fully implemented yet (refer to the ReleaseNotes for more detailed information).

Please proceed to the download section of the website for more information on how to get a binary version and how to access our CVS. Be sure to read the Release Notes before you do anything.

There is also a User Guide to give you an introduction to JOGI.

Well... what are you waiting for? Download the sucker and get coding...



OK, we have checked in some of our code into the CVS. Don't do a checkout just yet, it is mostly just interfaces and class stubs, nothing really interesting. We should have some working stuff in about a week.

The About section of the site has also been updated with some info and photos about the developer team. And I fooled around with CSS again and this is what came out of that.



The (admittedly minimal) website for the project is up. The team is currently working on getting a first version of the software to work. The design is basically done (there are some mysterious patches of uncertainty left, although they should not remain for much longer).

We shall put the currently available code (only interfaces and stub classes at the moment) in the CVS in a day or two.

If you are interested in this project, you might want to take a look at the project.